Mei Wellbeing Programs are the result of a constant process of study and research, certified also by the Degree thesis at the University of Padua.
HEALTH is the absence of disease, WELLBEING is being at 100% of your psycho-physical potential. It is the so-called FEELING WELL, increasingly difficult to achieve.
Disordered diet, sedentary lifestyle, stress, medication use and the aging process deprive our body of its vital energy. The Wellbeing Programs are Mei methods to take care of ourselves, day by day, increasing our energy, feeling better and preventing diseases.
The Programs are a combination of FOOD EDUCATION (healthy eating) and the action of herbal supplements, what makes them safe and effective.
There are two Programs: Detox and MeiSlim. The first one aims to cleanse the excretory organs, the second one eliminates the visceral fat.
Once the Program is begun, it needs to be followed for at least three months, indispensable to create the ORGANIC MEMORY of the benefits. The Programs consist in 3 phases, lasting approximately one month each, which can eventually be extended, according to individual needs

Detox Program

The Detox Program consists of 3 phases (Detox – Calcium Metabolism – Maintenance) and has a total duration of 3 months. It aims to purify the excretory organs, favoring the general detoxification of the organism and increasing psychophysical energy.

The first time it is essential to do the complete program with all its 3 phases, indispensable to activate the organic memory of the organism. After that, it is also advisable to do the 3-month Program at least once a year. The three phases are designed to detoxify the excretory organs, strengthen bones, connective tissue and immune system, reduce possible overweight and consolidate the results.

In case of need, the single phases can be repeated or refreshed after 4-6 months from the first Detox Program.



Anti Age

The additional Anti Age phase (18 days duration) is a variant, which can be introduced in the Detox Program to enhance the anti-free radical and metabolism stimulating effect.


The MeiSlim Program is specifically conceived to eliminate visceral fats. The MeiSlim involves the elimination of all cereals, mainly responsible for the accumulation of harmful fat, replacing them with the opportune healthy nutrition and the action of herbal supplements. The Program lasts three months and is available after appropriate direct advice. Therefore, please feel free to contact the company for more information.

Mei Wellbeing Programs are not a slimming diet, do not replace meals with substitute foods and do not involve the use of amphetamines or anorectic agents.
Mei Wellbeing Programs are not a cure for diseases.
Every possible pharmacological therapy should not be spontaneously changed or stopped.
Mei Wellbeing Programs have no direct or indirect side effects and therefore can be matched to any pharmacological therapy in progress.