Le Migliori Erbe Italiane

Since 1988, our daily commitment
is that of keeping to this ideal

MEI means "Migliori Erbe Italiane", i.e. "Best Italian Herbs". The dream of the founder, Adriana Titton, is now an established reality that looks to the future offering the best herbal and phyto- cosmetic products made in Italy, according to the holistic wellness philosophy.
The products are entrusted to Mei Consultants, who take direct care of the private customer, and the most prestigious SPAs and Wellness Centers, which offer also the Mei SPA Rituals: only the best of the scientific wellbeing for an immediately visible and long-lasting result.

Holistic Philosophy

Thanks to our long experience, we understood what Wellbeing is and the way to reach it. Wellbeing does not mean treating a disease and we do not need to wait for symptoms to look for it. Wellbeing means feeling at the top of our psychophysical potential, sleeping well and waking up re-charged. It means feeling light and active, willing to concentrate on our work. Above all, it means taking care of ourselves while looking for a better quality of life
These results can be achieved thinking about people in a holistic way, in relation with the world around them, as a unity of body and mind. Only if we feel well with our body, we will be able to get the most out of our mind.

The uniqueness of our products

Wild plants: only plants that naturally grow in their own environment can be called medicinal plants, in other words plants, which concentrate the active principles able to generate an herbal action. In Italy and throughout the world, Mei selects only wild plants that are rich in active ingredient and extremely effective.
Balsamic flowering: the plants are picked by hand only when their balsamic stage is reached, corresponding to the phase of maximal maturation and richness of the plant.
Titration: : titration is the process of measuring the concentration of the active ingredient. A plant is considered efficacious only if it adheres to the minimum standards established by the Official Pharmacopoeia. Only plants that conform to these specifications are used in Mei’s production.
Extraction and concentration: once the quality has been ascertained, the plants are treated with non-invasive extraction and concentration methods that respect the organoleptic attributes of the plant itself. From this point of view, Mei employs an exclusive cycle that combines cold extraction and inert gases, obtaining the most from the plant without using chemical products or cooking processes, which would destroy its active ingredient.
Revitalized water: in our products, we use revitalized water according to the Grander Method, a technique that allows the water to regain the chemical and physical properties it has when it comes out of the spring. This process allows the elimination of the bacteria without using chemical preservatives. In fact, Mei’s phyto-cosmetics are stabilized with natural preservatives, instead of synthetic ones usually used.
Officinal plants’ vegetation water: Mei is the first company to use the water in which medicinal plants are infused. The water preserves the memory of their active ingredients and Mei phytocosmetic products are the first in history to replace the “AQUA” ingredient with “OFFICINALIS WATER”. In Mei products, from simple emulsifying base, water has become a functional ingredient.
Mei Quality Guarantee: thanks to this unique "MADE IN ITALY" production chain, both phytocosmetics and herbal products are made using the same titrated wild plants and not ready-made preparations or aromatic extracts. The result is a truly natural and “living” product, able to grant a long-lasting wellbeing, without disorders or side effects.

Quality Guarantee

  • Use of officinal plants according to the quality standards of the Official Pharmacopoeia.
  • Purity degree of the active principles: absolute.
  • Total absence of petrolatum, parabens, SLS and SLES, PEG, harmful substances.

Board MEI

Adriana Titton
Adriana Titton
Mei founder. She began working in 1988, thanks to her great experience in sales and a strong personal belief in natural wellbeing. She dictated the qualitative guidelines of the products and Mei Holistic Philosophy. Furthermore, she created the concept of Mei Wellbeing Program. She writes articles and curates the “Dear Adriana” column for the MondoMei periodical. She is the sitting president of the company.
Roberto Paladin
Roberto Paladin
General Manager. Since 1998, he manages the production chain, defining the quality standards of the phytocosmetic products and herbal supplements; the creation of new products and lines and the training of professional staff on products and communication. He is a profound connoisseur of the Wellness & Spa world and a lecturer of the LIFEXCELLENCE - CIDESCO Spa Academy. He writes articles for specialized wellness magazines and for the MondoMei periodical.
Prof. Giuseppe Mazzocco
Prof. Giuseppe Mazzocco
Research director. He is the inventor of the PMP-Phytomassopodia method, the Podostrigiles and Mei rituals. He has designed the professional training courses of the WFA - Wellness from Feet Academy, which he directs. He is also the responsible director of the MondoMei wellness periodical.