Also this year, Mei will be protagonist
at Cosmoprof Bologna with the launch of the new

At our booth, you will try the new MEI LIFTING line made with OFFICINAL WATER and Colloidal Silver. A line created to erase the signs of time thanks to the synergy of the massage with Podostrigiles and the innovative products based on revolutionary vegetable active principles.
You will also be able to test our exclusive rituals and natural products for the entire body and face. In particular, you can regenerate yourself trying the Welcome ritual of PMP-Phytomassopodia®, the only patented method, born from the scientific research and designed to restore general physical and psychological wellbeing through the feet, in a more natural and effective way.
All Mei products are made with titrated essential oils and all-natural ingredients, extracted and concentrated from wild plants with exclusive techniques.

unparalleled rituals and products

The SCIENTIFIC WELLBEING is the new concept born from the research coordinated by Prof. Giuseppe Mazzocco. A modern form of prevention, given by the benefits of Mei Rituals - born from the PMP-Phytomassopodia® method - that act in synergy with the home care set and Mei Wellbeing Program, which combines the principles of healthy eating with the action of herbal supplements.
To acquire the necessary skills, the team of SPAs and aesthetic centers will attend the training courses of the WFA - Wellness from Feet Academy.

the research

The Scientific Direction is entrusted to Prof. Giuseppe Mazzocco - formerly Professor of Preventive and Compensatory Motor Sciences at the University of Padua - in charge of the research and training to the SCIENTIFIC WELLBEING, acting as Director of the WFA - Wellness from Feet Academy. The research has led to three Degree theses registered at the University of Padua and its ongoing activity keeps Mei production at the levels of excellence that distinguish it. Prof. Mazzocco is also the Managing Editor of MondoMei, our informative periodical on wellness and prevention.

Formerly Professor of the Degree Course of Motor Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Padua - Degree in Motor Sciences and Physiotherapy - Doctor of Science in Chiropractic - Professor Defektologÿe - Bachelor Degree in Physical Education – Graduated in Massophysiotherapy, Podiatry, Orthopedics and Sport Massage - Biennial School in Nutrition Integration Sport - Degree in Literary Subjects and Journalist / Publicist – Responsible Director of MondoMei - Scientific Director of Research and Training for MEI Scientific Wellbeing.

a new partner

The PMP-Phytomassopodia® method
lands also in Umbria!

From now on at the Park Hotel Ai Cappuccini in Gubbio, a member of the prestigious Small Luxury Hotels of The World, the marvelous hands of the SPA operators will pamper you not only with Mei products, but also with the patented method for the scientific wellbeing of the feet and the whole person.
Guided by the experience and professionalism of Prof. Mazzocco, Cappuccini Wellness & SPA team has learned the manual skills of the PMP Ritual and the use of Podostrigiles, combined with the precious properties of our natural products made with Mei pure essential oils.