Born from the Mei SPA experience and the clever selection of the most enchanting aromatic notes, the new Home Fragrance line donates a unique olfactory emotion.

Being made with essential oils from wild plants and not perfumes, the fragrances are pleasant, never sickening and above all do not cause headaches, nausea or allergies.

There are five fragrances:

unparalleled rituals and products

The SCIENTIFIC WELLBEING is the new concept born from the research coordinated by Prof. Giuseppe Mazzocco. A modern form of prevention, given by the benefits of Mei Rituals - born from the PMP-Phytomassopodia® method - that act in synergy with the home care set and Mei Wellbeing Program, which combines the principles of healthy eating with the action of herbal supplements.
To acquire the necessary skills, the team of SPAs and aesthetic centers will attend the training courses of the WFA - Wellness from Feet Academy.

the research

The Scientific Direction is entrusted to Prof. Giuseppe Mazzocco - formerly Professor of Preventive and Compensatory Motor Sciences at the University of Padua - in charge of the research and training to the SCIENTIFIC WELLBEING, acting as Director of the WFA - Wellness from Feet Academy. The research has led to three Degree theses registered at the University of Padua and its ongoing activity keeps Mei production at the levels of excellence that distinguish it. Prof. Mazzocco is also the Managing Editor of MondoMei, our informative periodical on wellness and prevention.

Formerly Professor of the University of Padua, Degree Course of Motor Sciences - Degree in Motor Sciences and Physiotherapy - Doctor of Science in Chiropractic - Professor Defektologÿe – University Diploma in Physical Education – Graduated in Massophysiotherapy, Podiatry, Orthopedic Technique and Sports Massage - Biennial School in Nutrition Integration Sport - Annual postgraduate course in Phytotherapy, University of Siena - Degree in Literary Subjects - Journalist / Publicist, member of the National Order of Journalists – Responsible Director of “MondoMei - information magazine for the wellbeing that comes from nature” - Scientific Director of Research and Training on MEI Wellness Rituals - Responsible for numerous research projects for Ministries, Universities, Training Institutions and Local Health Units - Author of countless publications - Speaker at national and international conferences./em>


Visceral fat is the most dangerous kind of fat because it "wraps" the vital organs and is also the most difficult to get rid of.
MeiSlim is the Mei method studied by Dr. Alessandro Mazzocco, Specialized Doctor, coordinated by Prof. Giuseppe Mazzocco, Mei scientific director, specially designed to meet this specific need.

The Program consists of 3 phases during one month each and includes: dietary recommendations and natural herbal products that act in synergy. Since it is a complex Program that involves a significant change in eating habits, our experienced staff will follow you directly to provide a service which is adequate to the method’s goal.
Fill out the form and we will be pleased to contact you to provide any further information about it.

Stars’ Products

Mei in Los Angeles to support "Made in Italy"

At the "Filming on Italy" Festival in Los Angeles, we wanted to celebrate the unique style of Italian cinema by awarding two international stars such as Monica Bellucci and Gina Lollobrigida.

Mei natural products, which for more than thirty years have been a reference point for the well-being of the person, have been chosen to support this important cultural initiative.

The stars at the Festival were able to touch the excellence of "Made in Italy" in which beauty, creativity, originality and talent are combined to create a recognized and acclaimed style all over the world. The welcome towards Mei was very warm, with many appreciations from all the Festival guests.

A truly exciting result for Mei, who helped once again to spread overseas the quality of all its rigorously “Made in Italy” products.